Achieve your new year goals with a new approach

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If you’re a time-savvy organization (and have at least one goal or resolution this year), you’ve probably already begun the initiatives that will help you achieve that goal. But how will you communicate progress throughout the year? Still packing into that old board room with a stained dry-erase and crackling telecom? Even small updates like a quality telecom or a projector and screen to display dashboard results is proven to increase morale, energy, involvement and retention.


“Changes confronting organizations and the associated changes in organizational forms have made organizational communication increasingly important to overall organizational functioning. For example:

  • Work is more complex and requires greater coordination and interaction among workers
  • The pace of work is faster
  • Workers are more distributed
  • Simultaneous, distributed work processes are more common
  • Knowledge and innovation are more critical to an organization’s competitive advantage
  • Communication technologies and networks are increasingly essential to an organization’s structure and strategy.“

    – Historical Trends and the Increasing Importance of Organizational Communication, United States Department of the Air Force


Do your new year goals include cost reduction and efficiency improvements? What company doesn’t have those goals in mind, right? Toshiba, a well known information systems manufacturer was feeling the pressure (and costs) associated with long overdue internal conversion to more robust telecommunications systems. Their case study was written on the challenge, solution and result of telecommunications systems implemented in their world wide offices – initially launched as a solution to rising inter-office travel costs, it has become a necessity they can’t effectively function without.


Read Toshiba’s story here


CCS Presentation Systems can help you upgrade your communications systems to prepare for the new year so that each and every goal you set for your organization can be clearly communicated to the entire team, clients, industry partners and more. Contact CCS to get systems in place that will support your new year goals!

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